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Be a part of Central Pennsylvania's FREE Unconference on Interactive Design, Development, and Education.

Saturday, May 3, 2014
9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at HACC Midtown

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What is Barcamp?

BarcampHbg 2010 Photo Courtesy of Art Straub

Barcamp Harrisburg is an ad-hoc unconference where, rather than have preset speakers like a traditional conference, it's the attendees that propose the discussion topics, present their expertise, or organize participatory events or workshops. BarcampHbg's focus is the web, social media, interactive design, development, and education. Some presentations are prepared beforehand, whereas others can be completely spontaneous. Both are welcome. For more on the history of barcamps, check out or Wikipedia's definition of BarCamp.

2015 marks Harrisburg's 7th year!

What will BarCampHbg be like?

Attendees arrive between 9-10 am, have breakfast (light refreshments provided), network, and post topics they would like to discuss on a schedule board. Following a brief kick-off meeting, the day will consist of sessions broken down into 45-minute blocks. There will be a break for lunch, followed by afternoon sessions that will run until around 3:30 pm.

BarCamp Harrisburg will be held at HACC Midtown. Wireless Internet access and projectors will be available.

BarCamp Harrisburg is organized by Rich Hauck.

BarcampHbg 2012
BarcampHbg 2012

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